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Once upon a time at Friendly Falls there was a troll named Tobie. He had a magic kitchen where kind words and ordinary river rocks were baked in his magic oven and turned into beautiful gemstones. One day a magic gnome named Gnorbert came to the Falls. He and Tobie knew that despite their differences, if they worked together they could build a Magic Gem Mine and bring fun and joy to everyone they meet!

Miners are welcome to grab a bucket up at the store and take it down to the peaceful creekside mining flume. Scoop your sand into the sifting box, put it in the rushing water of the flume, shake it around and see all the beautiful gemstones for you to take home.

Buckets are available for purchase to use in the gem mine or to take home!

$15 Buckets have a great mix of beautiful gem stones.
$30 Buckets have even more gems, some larger chunks, and you never know what else the gnomes might put in there!